Ever since I was a child, I found myself drawn to the magic of photography. As I grew older, my fascination with this format only intensified. It became a way to preserve those moments that often slip away unnoticed. I have always been captivated by both the aesthetics and technology standing behind car design. It quickly started an interest in automotive photography which had a huge impact on my artistic journey. The world of cars is an ever-changing combination of design, power, and innovation. 
Through my lens, I aim to capture the uniqueness of each vehicle, as I believe that every car has its own story to tell. Whether it's the innovative approach of the latest releases or the elegance of vintage classics, I seek to immortalize these machines at their best.
I find capturing people and their stories equally fascinating. Portrait photography allows me to explore the depth of human relationships and emotions. Each portrait is a narrative of its own, a glimpse into the unique world of the subject. Preserving that authenticity is one of the main goals of my photography. 
collaborated with:
Pepsi, Raw Hide, sexed.pl, chrupko, QueQuality, Baus Tailoring and more...

publicised in:
vogue.pl, KUKBUK, Twój Styl, newonce.paper and Mob Journal. 

Author of four individual exhibitions:

-june 2021 "SZTUKA NAS WYZWOLI" Lublin, Poland
-november 2021 "WNĘTRZE" Lublin, Poland
-june 2022 "SCHOLA VITAE" Noc Kultury Lublin, Poland
-february 2023 "Postcards from Iceland" Warsaw, Poland

designer of four editions of annual limited photography zine. 

Available for commissions worldwide. For more info please contact:
+48 506 821 076